Photo works (since 1998)

Their Site / Your Sight Project (continued since 2001)


I cut out objects such as people, vehicles, buildings and so on from a snapshot or magazine and stand them up, like a pop-out book. I aimed to emphasize the scale differences of the object when it’s in a photo ‘two-dimensions’ and when it gets cut out and set up into ‘three-dimensions’. The audience will realize how they have been unconsciously controlling the way they perceive the scale and the perspective in the two-dimensional photos. They can then understand the relationship between the work they are viewing and the room in which they are standing, with refined cognition.

I also photograph these installations, so that I can clarify the meaning of the set-up photos.

Photo works


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  • p_work03

daily life series(1998)

  • p_work01
  • p_ship01
  • p_ship03

I began to use photography as a mode of expression in 1998. It seemed to be the most simple and direct way to express the relationship between my imaginary world and the physical world I inhabit. I have been carrying on photographic work since then.

Fiction’s Flight Seris(2003)

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  • p_flight01
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  • p_flight03

September 11th was a huge shock to me. It made me think about ‘airplanes’ as a motif in my several past works and projects. I had never thought about airplanes as anything other than a ‘means of transportation’, but suddenly it was turned into a ‘weapon’. The idea frightened me. I started feeling guilty about continuing my work using the airplane motif.

I then planned to ask some friends and acquaintances to fly a model airplane for me while I make a video of it. Are we going to imagine a ‘happy holiday’ when we see the model fly, or conceive a ‘horrible conspiracy of someone’ behind it? While taking the video, I decided that I would leave the answer to the pilot the person who flies an airplane in my video and the audience.